Dried Lavendar

Grosso Bundles

Grosso is an intermediate Lavender. It is a tall Lavender with large spikes of violet blue flowers and has a pungent fragrance. Grosso is excellent for dried flowers arrangements, centerpieces, bouquets, and can be added to a wedding table place card.

Our Grosso can be purchased in 3.5 or 5 oz bundles. It is also available in a case of 12 - 3.5oz. bundles. Stem length is 18 to 19 inches long.

3.5 oz. ~ $9.50
5 oz. ~ $15.00
1 case ~ $102.00

Purple Scent Lavender ~ Lavender Bundles
Grosso Bundles
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Royal Velvet Bundles

Royal Velvet is an angustifolia which is a true Lavender or English Lavender that is commonly found in the western Mediterranean region. Royal Velvet can be used in floral arrangements, bouquets, centerpieces, or as an embelllishments on a sachet, napkin or used with a place card.

Our Royal Velvet comes in 3.5 or 5 oz. bundles or a case of 12 bundles. Stem length is approximately 12" long and each 3.5 oz. bundles contains 100-150 stems.

3.5 oz. ~ $10.00
5 oz. ~ $15.00
1 case ~ $114.00

Purple Scent Lavender ~ Royal Velvet
Royal Velvet Bundles
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Potted Lavender

A sweet little Potted Lavender can be used as a centerpiece on a wedding table or set a Potted Lavender next to your guest book.

Potted Lavender is arranged in a 5" terra cotta pot and stands 15" tall.


product_photoPurple Scent Lavender ~ Potted Lavender
purple scent lavender

French Bouquet

A French Bouquet is made with Royal Velvet which is a beautiful color for a wedding and will stand out well as a centerpiece. The ribbon can be customized to your color scheme. It will be a little touch of Provence at your wedding.


Purple Scent Lavender ~ French Bouquet
purple scent lavender

Provence Bouquet

This bouquet could be a little touch of France at a beautiful reception table, beside a guestbook or used as a centerpiece on your wedding table.



Purple Scent Lavender ~ Provence Bouquet
purple scent lavender

Lavender Wreath

Our fragrant 16 inch Dried Lavender wreaths are hand tied with fresh Grosso from our farm. It's like a little touch of Provence! It's the perfect Lavender wreath for your home or to give as a gift. The heavenly scent will fill any room with a memory of a relaxing summer day


Purple Scent Lavender ~ Lavender Only Wreath
purple scent lavender

Lavender & Roses Wreath

This unique and romantic wreath is made with Dried Lavender, roses and baby's breath. It measures 16" x 16"


Purple Scent Lavender ~ Lavender & Roses
purple scent lavender
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