My story
I have always loved gardening, something I learned from my Grandmother as a young girl. Herbs have always been a favorite of mine, they are so individually unique, each one has a distinquished scent. In 1998, my family and I moved to Silverdale and are now living on a beautiful property overlooking Dyes Inlet with Mt. Rainier in the background. I started my first herb garden that summer and was delighted at how heathy it was. In July of that same year, I was invited to a lavender farm and was amazed at how tranquil it was, not to mention the vibrant colors. I began to image how beautiful and amazing lavender would look on our little piece of heaven. Well, that was the start of my journey, with the love of lavender in my heart, I couldn't wait to learn everything there was about the fragrant has truly changed my life...this Seattle city girl now loves the country life. I anticipate the coming of Spring and Summer only to enjoy the fragrance that my lavender brings. Come visit us at our farm and you too will understand the magic of lavender. I hope to inspire you to enjoy lavender as much as I do and to love nature in all its beauty. If we take care of our earth, it will take care of us.
Suzanne Powers
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